Cruise Data

Cruise: 3-2
Departure Date: 6/22/1997
Departure Port: St. George, Bermuda
Arrival Date: 7/3/1997
Arrival Port: Ponta Delgada, Sao Miguel, Azores
Scientist 1: D. Fornari
Affiliation: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Scientist 2:
Scientist 3:
Sponsor: National Science Foundation/ Natural Environment Research Council - UK
Major Subject: Geology/ Biology/Hydrology
Subject 1: Species Diversity
Subject 2: Animal Nutrition/Lipids
Notes: Working In Azores EEZ/Scientific Activity Filmed By The BBC
Major Area: ATNC
Area 1: Mid-Atlantic Ridge/"Lucky Strike" Site
Area 2:
Project: Lucky Strike/Geochemical Analyses Of Hydrothermal Fluids-Lucky Strike