Cruise Data

Cruise: 132-1
Departure Date: 1/23/1995
Departure Port: Woods Hole MA
Arrival Date: 2/18/1995
Arrival Port: Bridgetown, Barbados
Scientist 1: J. Karson
Affiliation: Duke University
Scientist 2: S. Hurst
Affiliation: Duke University
Scientist 3:
Sponsor: National Science Foundation
Major Subject: Geology
Subject 1: Plate Tectonics
Subject 2: Dredging
Notes: Alvin Dives #2876 to 2890, first cruise as Master for A D Colburn
Major Area: ATNW/ATE
Area 1: Mid Atlantic Ridge/Smark Area
Area 2:
Project: Al Vine laid to rest 31Jan95 At 23 20N, 45 00W, 3600Mtrs