Cruise Data

Cruise: 140
Departure Date: 4/27/1946
Departure Port: Guantanamo, Cuba
Arrival Date: 4/30/1946
Arrival Port: Miami, FL
Scientist 1: W. Shultz
Affiliation: WHOI
Scientist 2:
Scientist 3:
Sponsor: USNavy
Major Subject: Physical Oceanography/Geology/Bathymetry/Climatology
Subject 1: Acoustics
Subject 2: Photographs
Notes: No Record of activities from Feb 17 to April 26
Major Area: ATNW
Area 1: Straits Of Florida
Area 2: Gulf Stream
Project: Underwater Explosives/ Navy Proj. 7/ Long Range Sound Trans. (Sofar)/ Navy Proj 17