Voyage - Leg:OC 388,389,390
Voyage Dates:24 - 27 Apr 2003, - Will Ostrom, Chief Scientist
27 Apr - 17 May, - Nick Makris, Chief Scientist
17 - 24 May - John Preston, Chief Scientist
Chief Sci(s):Will Ostrom, Nick Makris, John Preston (Makris)
Address: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Rm 5-222
77 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge MA
Cruise Objective:Remote Imaging of Seafloor and Subeseafloor Geomprohology
Science Activities:Source and Receiver Arrays, Moorings, Data Acquisition Systems, Data Analysis Systems
Operations Area:
NJ Strataform, 30 Nmi Radius about 39D10M N, 72D50M W
50-2000 m, typically 80 m
180 nm southwest of Woods Hole
85 nm east of Atlantic City
SSSG Tech:sssg @oceanus.whoi.edu
Departure Port:Woods Hole, MA
Agent:Master R/V Oceanus
Attn: Scientist's Name
c/o WHOI
266 Woods Hole Rd.
Woods Hole, MA 02543

Contact: Jon Alberts
tel. (508) 289-2277
fax: (508) 457-2185
email: jalberts@whoi.edu
Arrival Port:Woods Hole, MA
Agent: Same as above
Installed Scientific Equipment:12 & 3.5 Khz
Knudsen and EPC thermal recorder.
XBT System
CTD - Sensors - Salinity, Temperature, Depth
IMET Sensors
WHOI-Provided Science Tools:Slip rings - 20 1000 V @ 20 A
Program-Provided Science Tools:Source and Receiver Arrays, Moorings, Data Acquisition Systems, Data Analysis Systems, Portable Air Compressors
Portable 25 kW Generator, 440 v, 3 phase, 20 amp, diesel powered, need a fuel line
Shipboard Equipment/Nav:
Other Requirements:
    Electrical power for J.Preston winch (aboard last year)
    Night Work Anticipated
    Need Ship's Crane, Capstan, A-frame, Trawl Winch with 9/16'' cable,

    Cape Henlopen will be used for Personnel transfer between Oceanus and Endeavor.
    Oceanus will Depoly 2 moorings at site, return to WHOI, load Scientific Gear and
    depart to site.

    J. Preston Winch in process of Engineering Analysis by Terry Hammar (April timeline)
    Roger Gauss Winch to be certified also.
Navy Clearance Status:
Last Modified: 12/13/2006

Check List:Required?Comments
US Customs FormNo
Explosives ClearanceNo
Isotope Use ApprovalNo
Diplomatic ClearanceNo
SCUBA DivingNo