Voyage - Leg:OC 395-2
Voyage Dates:9 - 23 Jul 2003
Chief Sci(s):Amy S. Bower (Bower)
Address: Dept. of Physical Oceanography
Woods Hole, MA 02543
Cruise Objective:Science objective is a long-term, repeated-float launching program over the continental slope east of Newfoundland from 2003 to 2005.
Science Activities:On this cruise we will deploy 4 sound sources,6 RAFOS floats, and occupy approximately 10 CTD stations.
Operations Area:NW North Atlantic
38-56.75N 52-36W
200m - 4600m
SSSG Tech:Chrissy VanHilst
Departure Port:St. John's, Newfoundland CANADA
Agent:Master R/V Oceanus
Attn: Scientist's Name
c/o EIMSKIP Canada Inc. Newfoundland
33 Pippy Place Suite, Suite 305
St. John's, Newfoundland A1B 4G3

Contact: Corey Hefferan
tel. (709) 754-7222
fax: (709) 754-7999
email: ch@eimskip.ca
Arrival Port:St. John's, Newfoundland CANADA
Agent: Same as Above
Installed Scientific Equipment:Knudsen and EPC thermal recorder (replaces PDR)
XBT System
Deionized Water System
CTD/Rosette System - Temp, Cond. and pressure critical
5-liter Niskin Bottles
IMET Sensors - Wind Critical
Pinger for Wire Use
WHOI-Provided Science Tools:Slip Rings Needed
Program-Provided Science Tools:Mooring Winch
Rag Top Van
Shipboard Equipment/Nav:
Other Requirements:Night Work Anticipated
Inter/Intraship Communications
Science Stowage - Four sound sources and associated moorings on deck.
Notes:Sound source Moorings:  To be deployed in order D->C->B->A unless weather pattern suggests opposite circuit would be better. Sound sources will be deployed first, then CTD stations after that.
Sound source positions:
D: 38.00N 42.00W
C: 45.00N 36.00W
B: 53.50N 37.00W
A: 56.75N 48.00W

Bonavista Line/CTD Stations:  To be occupied from NE->SW (i.e.,  1->10). Stations may be added or subtracted depending on schedule and weather.

    1:   50.4143N   46.8000W
    2:   50.4143   47.2400
    3:   50.4143   47.6800
    4:   50.2762   48.1200
    5:   50.1381   48.5600
    6:   50.0000   49.0000
    7:   49.8500   49.5000
    8:   49.6830   50.0170
    9:   49.5170   50.5330
  10:   49.3670   51.0170
Navy Clearance Status:
Last Modified: 12/13/2006

Check List:Required?Comments
US Customs FormYesFor equipment loaded at WHOI
Explosives ClearanceNo
Isotope Use ApprovalNo
Diplomatic ClearanceYesCanada
SCUBA DivingNo