Voyage - Leg:OC 343
Voyage Dates:14 Jun - 1Jul 1999
Chief Sci(s):Dave Hebert
Address: University of Rhode Island
Graduate School of Oceanography
South Ferry Road
Narragansett, RI 02882-1197
Phone:(401) 874-6610
Cruise Objective:Investigate cross-frontal fluxes and mixing at the North East Peak Front of Georges Bank
Science Activities:Deployment of acoustically-track subsurface floats and/or ARGOS/GPS surface drifters.
ADCP/Sea Soar suveys around the floats/drifters.
Operations Area:Georges Bank
SSSG Tech:Laura Goepfert
Departure Port:Woods Hole
Arrival Port:Woods Hole
Agent: NA
Installed Scientific Equipment:12 kHz Transducer
3.5 zHz Transducer
ADCP, narrow band for real time processing
and broad band for post cruise processing
IMET Sensors, including standard sensors
, SST, and SSS.
WHOI-Provided Science Tools:CTD /Rosette System
.322 EM Cable
10 liter Niskin Bottles
SSG Level-wind winch ( OSU 7 conductor 0.322" wire) with slip rings, and block for towing SEASOAR. (Items used on April99 OC340 Cruise )
GONIO ARGOS receiver
Small davit/J-frame/block to lower/raise the subsurface float (COOL, approx. 25lbs.) over starboard rail
Boat hooks/snaps to recover float.
Program-Provided Science Tools:Oregon State SEASOAR
URI "COOL" Floats
& Conductor Wire
Shipboard Equipment/Nav:
Other Requirements:
Notes:"COOL" Floats are 2m glass floats with18" PVC vanes at center.
Real-time access to 300 kHz BBADCP data will be used simultaneously.
Access to (audio)output of 12kHz hydrophone and stable (time) LSR
Digital output needed from 3.5kHz Knudsen echosounder
Set Up for OC 340 in April worked well
Navy Clearance Status:
Last Modified: 05/12/1999

Check List:Required?Comments
US Customs FormNo
Explosives ClearanceNo
Isotope Use ApprovalNo
Diplomatic ClearanceYesCanada
SCUBA DivingNo