Voyage - Leg:OC 412
Voyage Dates:09-18 May 2005
Chief Sci(s):Dennis McGillicuddy (Anderson)
Address: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Bigelow 209b - MS11
Bruce Keafer is a Co PI
Deana Erdner is a Co PI
Cruise Objective:COHH - Synoptic mapping of Alexandrium fundyense, hydrography, and velocity in the coastal current in the Gulf of Maine
Science Activities:CTD, ADCP, Drifter deployment
Operations Area:NA4
Mass Bay to Bay of Fundy
SSSG Tech:sssg @oceanus.whoi.edu
Departure Port:Woods Hole, MA
Agent:Master R/V Oceanus
Attn: Scientist's Name
c/o WHOI
266 Woods Hole Rd.
Woods Hole, MA 02543

Contact: John Dyke
tel. (508) 289-3770
fax: (508) 457-2185
email: jdyke@whoi.edu
Arrival Port:Woods Hole, MA
Agent: Same as Above
Installed Scientific Equipment:ADCP - Crucial System to Cruise
CTD/Rosette System (10 Liter Niskin) -P,T,S,fluorometer, transmissometer, PAR
Keafer Hi Flo Valves on Niskins
Fume Hood
Refrigerator - Main Lab
2 each, Chest Freezers - Main lab
-70 Freezer - Wet Lab
IMET - wind speed and direction, insolation, sea temp, air temp, relative humidity
WHOI-Provided Science Tools:Berthing Van
Sediment Grabs - Dynacon Winch will be used with 1/4" hydrowire and weak link to overboard
light weight sediment grab (100 lbs)
Program-Provided Science Tools:Drifters Buoys will be deployed
Shipboard Equipment/Nav:
Other Requirements:Night Work Anticipated

Hazardous Materials - All hazardous materials will be removed by the science party at the end of the cruise.
Notes:CTD Cruise is primary focus.
One passes up and down coast at CTD Stations
Navy Clearance Status:
Last Modified: 12/13/2006

Check List:Required?Comments
US Customs FormNo
Explosives ClearanceNo
Isotope Use ApprovalNo
Diplomatic ClearanceYesCanada
SCUBA DivingNo